Making the cost of motoring a little more manageable

Without the worry of depreciation or the running costs and repairs associated with older cars, it’s no surprise that many motorists driving new cars today are making the cost more manageable with a personal contract purchase (PCP).

Simply find the car that’s right for you and either ask your dealer about PCP from Shawbrook International or get in touch with us direct.

With a low deposit you can then secure your new car and spread the remaining cost over an agreed period (often 3-4 years) with regular fixed payments.  At the end of the agreed period, you then have three choices: 

  1. keep the car by making one final payment (calculated as the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value of the car or ‘GMFV’), which you could also refinance to help spread the cost;
  2. replace the car by trading it in for a new one and repeating the process; OR
  3. simply give the car back at no extra cost.  

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